Sunday, June 30, 2013

Labour MP criticises decision to redeploy Norman Vella

From The Times of Malta

Labour MP Marlene Farrugia has criticised the government's decision to order broadcaster Norman Vella to return to his old post in the Immigration Office.

In a facebook post, the MP said she wants to live in a country where everyone is given the opportunity to use his or her talents without prejudice, whatever the political, religious or sexual orientation,

Norman Vella, she noted, had carried off every journalism award in the country and his programme TVHemm, was the third most viewed.

Independently of whether or not one agreed with what he said or what was said, the fact remained , locking this talent in a glass cubicle stamping passports or simply staring was a wrong decision which cast a shadow on the protagonists which took this decision. The words 'Wrong Decision' and 'Protagonists' were in capital letters.

Grazzi Marlene

Taqbel u ma taqbilx magħhom, il-politiċi 'ta' vera' huma dawk li kapaċi jieħdu pożizzjonijiet diffiċli li mhux bilfors jinżlu tajjeb mal-elettorat... Il-politiċi 'ta' vera' huma dawk li ma joqgħodux jistaħbew biex jipproteġu dak li jkunu kisbu.

Marlene Farrugia hija waħda minn dawk li jien inħossni kburi li qed tirrappreżentani fil-Parlament Malti. U dan qed ngħidu mhux għax ivvutajtilha jew għax naqbel magħha f'kull ma tgħid u tagħmel.

Grazzi Marlene.... U issa ejja nkomplu nargumentaw, ejja nkomplu nħabbtu l-idejat u ejja nkomplu nirrispettaw lil xulxin kif dejjem għamilna.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Għax Malta Taghna Lkoll – the shamelessness of it

Norman Vella, whose magazine-format show TVHemm made for generally interesting viewing every Monday to Friday, has been summarily fired without warning from his show at the state broadcaster and ordered not to report for work as from Monday.
Vella’s show is extremely popular: it gets the third highest audience figures of anything on TVM.
He is not employed directly with the state broadcaster, but is a civil servant who was redeployed there, as clearly his particular gifts are in that field and not in pushing papers at some desk. He is also the creator of the TVM biography show ‘Bijografiji’, which was widely viewed and recently won an award.
In other words, what this boils down to is yet another vindictive transfer, but one with significance for Norman Vella’s large audience and the station he worked for, and not only for him.
Vella told The Malta Independent that the order came directly from the Office of the Prime Minister, and not in a letter but in an email which told him to return to his original government department “on grounds of public policy”. He described the decision as “political”.
You see, this is one other reason I believe Lou Bondi should not have accepted that appointment on the National Festivities Commission: those who sup with the devil need a very long spoon.
A couple of weeks after announcing Lou’s appointment, they stab his long-standing colleague Norman in the back and throat, and in the worst way possible – an email without warning, saying ‘don’t report for work at the station from Monday’.
Put simply, you cannot trust the indecent to be decent. Decency and indecency are neither episodic nor person-and-situation-relevant. They are states of fact. I am not here to give lessons in human nature and psychology, but basically, the beyond-indecent behaviour of Joseph Muscat and those around him, pre and post election, tells us that they are beyond-indecent people.
This means they will behave really badly towards anyone who has to be dispensed with or who gets in their way, with neither scruples nor conscience.
Politics aside, the main reason why it is a very bad idea to work for those who manifest vicious spite and vindictiveness towards those who get in their way is the certain knowledge that when you get in their way it will happen to you too.
People in Lou Bondi’s position (and mine, I suppose) are faced with just three choices: to cooperate with them, remain mistrusted, but take great care to keep them happy; to bow out of the scene and avoid any involvement whatsoever; or, to fight back while saying ‘bring it on and do your worst’.
The Prime Minister personally put Lou on that commission. Now the Prime Minister personally has fired Lou’s friend and colleague, in a reprehensible manner, purely out of political spite because there is no way anyone can suggest that Norman Vella’s skills and talents are best used at a desk in a government department while being lost to television.
I think Lou Bondi only has one course of action before him, really, and he should take it. I know I would. I would rather starve in a gutter than have anything to do with such awful people.
What they’ve just done to Norman they will do to Lou as and when they see fit. I wouldn’t wait around for it to happen. And I certainly wouldn’t be having a smile and a friendly chat with somebody who did that to a friend and close colleague, or taking his calls – yes, even if he is the prime minister.

Norman Vella deployment at PBS revoked


Popular PBS presenter Norman Vella has been ordered not to report for work at the broadcasting station as from Monday.

Contacted by The Malta Independent online, Mr Vella confirmed that he had been notified that his deployment at PBS had been revoked by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Mr Vella confirmed today he received an email from the OPM informing him that he has to return to the department where he was employed before being deployed to PBS “on grounds of public policy”.

Since October, Mr Vella has presented the daily evening programme TVHemm, which has been named as the third most popular programme after Xarabank and the drama F’Salib it-Toroq in two Broadcasting Authority surveys. He is also the winner of several journalistic awards, two of them arriving only two weeks ago for the documentary series Bijografiji, one of his creations.

In the email sent to Mr Vella from OPM, which The Malta Independent online has seen, Mr Vella is notified that his deployment on grounds of public policy has been revoked. No reason was given.

Asked to say what led to this move, Mr Vella said he could only think of it as political decision. At this stage he would not comment any further.

He said he will still anchor the last two editions of the programme on Thursday and Friday.