Saturday, August 17, 2019

Norman Vella Resigns After Schiavone Welcomed Back To PN Parliamentary Group Despite Meeting With 17 Black Owner

By Julian Bonnici
Published on Lovin Malta

Norman Vella has resigned from the PN, “as a candidate, councillor and member”. after the party ruled that Hermann Schiavone did not breach regulations when meeting 17 Black owner Yorgen Fenech.

“I know what I told and promised those voters on a party and personal level. I know the reasons why they showed confidence in me and why they preferred to vote for me before continuing on other candidates in spite of contesting the election for the first time.”

“These are the same reasons why I challenged Joseph Muscat at a great personal sacrifice, joined the party at its worst time after the 2013 election, gave four years of work and also contested the European Parliament election, obtaining more than 7,000 first preference votes,” Vella said.

Schiavone will be reinstated back into the parliamentary group. He first suspended himself after it was revealed that he and Kristy Debono met Tumas Group CEO Yorgen Fenech, the man behind the secret Dubai company 17 Black.

At the time of his suspension,  Schiavone insisted he met Fenech to discuss the possible sponsorship of a conference room for a political event.

“I would be going against myself and all those who showed confidence in me if I do not express my anger following the decision taken by the party that goes against what we worked for and voted for two years ago,” Vella wrote on social media.

In the 2017 general election, Vella explained, Schiavone was only able to win a parliamentary seat on the fifth district by virtue of the 1,667 votes transferred from himself.

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